Building Out an e-Commerce Clone

Aimé Leon Dore

To be great at something, I do believe you have to enjoy doing it in one way or another. Passion isn't absolutely necessary, but I've found that as I build out projects, I'm inspired to complete them if they are relevant to my own personal interests.

With this in mind, I decided to build out an eCommerce application as my final project when attending App Academy. Commerce and Tech are two worlds that I love to see merge. The website that I decided to clone was Aime Leon Dore, a men's high-end fashion brand.

With the experience of doing other projects prior to this one, I realized just how long it can take to finish setting up the database, authentication, and server, which can be a bit frustrating. With a few weeks to do the project, I didn't want to slow down the process of making the front-end presentable to recruiters. Knowing this, I ventured out to learn Firebase, skipping out on Express/PostgreSQL and Flask/SQLAlchemy, which were taught during the bootcamp. Languages used for the site were React, React Hooks, Raw CSS, Firebase, and Google Cloud Firestore for site images. This was definitely the right move and allowed me to focus on making a great website.

In 2 Weeks, I was able to build out a front-end that I was quite proud of. Feel free to head over to checkout the site at ALD .

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