Rejection absolutely sucks. Today has been really horrible for that reason. For the last month, I've been going through the interview process with a well known tech consulting company, and after 5 rounds of interviewing, I was passed on. The reason given was my technical skills were a little weaker than what they were looking for.

Overall, our views were aligned with how we believed the interviews went. I knocked the Cultural Interview and Technical Problem Presentation outta the park, but I gave the Pair Programming Interview a 7/10 for a few reasons. For this one in particular, I was given a repo to study in preparation for the interview. It wasn't tough, but it was code designed with OOP concepts (classes & instances, TDD) in mind, which is something I hadn't really utilized in projects before. To add to this, my anxiety was through the roof. It wasn't until maybe 15 minutes in that I really settled in. All in all, it wasn't a bad interview, just not the shining light of it all when it probably needed to be.

Not sure if this is just recruiter talk, but they asked me to apply again in 6 months. So you'll take a shot on me in potentially 6 months, but allowing me to train and grow under your umbrella right now is just a little too much? Got it.

I'm going to try not to let this get me down, refocus for this oncoming job search, and work on my logic, which is admittedly a weak point for me. LeetCode, here I come!

Just an update!. It's been 3 months since I graduated App Academy

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