A Scraper & A Bot

Hey guys! How's everyone? I feel great! That little bump in the road motivated me to get better. I really don't like LeetCode, but I've implemented it daily going forward, until I find employment at least. What I am quite excited about though is learning again. I have been quite interested in web scrape, automation, and bots for a while.

Today, I finally sat down and knocked out a Stock Price scraper as well as a new Twitter Bot. I didn't put the credentials on Github this time (crosses fingers). All in all it took about 8 hrs to get it all done. Going forward, I actually plan to make the Stock Price Scraper a bot that posts to Twitter daily.

For the projects, I utilized the Twitter API, Google Sheets API acting as my database to store tweets/stock prices, JavaScript, Cheerio, and Fetch to acquire current prices. Things are going really well with the project and I'll keep the site updated with changes as they are made.

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