Hi! I'm Aaron, a Supply Chain and Logistics professional turned Software Engineer. While I have an eye for great designs and enjoy working with the front end of applications, my training at App Academy exposed me to the entire application development process, back to front. I'm well versed in JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Express, Python, Firebase, Flask and a host of other frameworks and languages (This site is built with Gatsby/React/Firebase/MarkDown). My interests are in building products, developing tools to acquire data, and automation. To put it simply, I enjoy merging the two worlds of business and technology together. The internet has been an amazing place for many years, and I'm intrigued with using code to take the benefits to a new level. I'm currently looking for a role that pushes me for growth, both personally and professionally.

Current Projects

An e-Commerce platform for all of your Men's mid to high-end fashion needs.

Celebrate sneaker culture and browse the latest styles of Jordan, Nike, and Adidas.

Keep track of and split expenses with others.

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